Peer To Peer Lending Platform

Peer To Peer Lending Platform

Annual Percentage Rate

All short term loans carry an annual rate of 60% as per the definition of the NCA

Peer-to-peer lending, also abbreviated as P2P lending,
Is the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses through system that tracks the loans on an electronic fintech platform.

Peer-to-peer (P2Plending enables individuals to obtain loans directly from other individuals, cutting out the financial institution as the middleman. Websites that facilitate P2P lending have greatly increased its adoption as an alternative method of financing.

Our Platform connects lenders with borrowers at low affordable rates.

Ekasi Bucks Lending offers peer to peer lending option for credit seekers for:
Credit for Online Shoppers,
Personal Loans,
Short term debt loans

Ekasi bucks Lending offer affordable interest rates to loan applicants and satisfying returns to investors.

The EKB Lending Peer to Peer lending platform work fairly easy following a simple process for both borrowers and lenders:


Step 1

You (the borrower) applies for a loan application listing on the EKB Lending platform.

Step 2

Your loan applications goes through the relevant FICA and credit worthiness checks.

Step 3

Depending on the outcome of FICA and credit worthiness checks, you will get a notification indicating whether your loan application listing has been approved or declined.

Step 4

If your loan is approved, your loan applications is listed on the EKB Lending peer to peer lending platform with full anonymity and privacy.

Step 5

A willing lender will choose your loan based on their level of risk appetite and a loan agreement contract will be signed between you (the borrower) and the lender. funding will be approved once all signed documents between both parties are verified and only then will your funds deposited to your account.

Take note

All these processes are time consuming and require patience in terms confirmation of final loan approval and funds transfered to borrower accounts. Confirmation of FICA and pre approval listing is a fast process that takes less than a business day to complete. The process that takes longer is that of lenders choosing to absorb the risk and fund borrower loans requests.

In compliance with the Financial Intelligence Center Act and the National Credit Regulator – borrowers are compelled to submit confidential information including a valid 3 months payslip, 6 months bank statement, certified Identity document or drivers licence and proof of residence. All these documents are to ensure the borrowers credit worthiness.

EKB Lending acts only as the facilitator of the platform and thus connecting borrowers to lenders. EKB Lending only handles the loan administrative process and ensures that administrative processes of contracts are in place and monthly reports are send out to borrowers and lenders. The loan agreement in terms of the contract is valid between the borrower of funds and the lender of funds.

EKB Lending will not be held liable in any case for any outstanding loan amounts that borrowers fail to repay to lenders as per the peer to peer loan agreement entered into between both parties. EKB Lending ensures that borrowers are reminded of payments due on a monthly basis and sends monthly reports to both parties with regards to the loan repayment details.

Both parties enter into the loan agreement acknowledging the risks involved in the transaction and agreement. Both parties enter at their own free will and thus in case of any legal proceedings that might take place if repayments are not honored by the borrower to the lender instituted by the lender, EKB Lending will provide the necessary administrative documents to the relevant courts so that payments of the loan can be enforced and lenders can be compensated.

EKB Lending offers a monthly fixed interest rate on all loans to borrowers and floating interest rates can be negotiated with lenders on behalf of borrowers to offer lower interest rates depending on the borrower’s credit risk profile.

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Upload 6 months Bank statement, Payslip, Certified ID copy or Drivers Licence and proof of residence
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